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    2nd Grade - Phonics!

    2nd Grade - Phonics!

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    Phonics pockets in word study notebooks

    Victor Intermediate School AIS With Mrs. Landes

    Phonic Sounds

    Phonics Educational Poster: part of our early learning range

    Blends and Digraphs Chart

    I've Got Class: Food For Thought

    digraph anchor charts

    phonics anchor chart ideas

    short vowels song

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    Phonics Spinner Games cover short, long and r-controlled vowels. Also includes spinners for blends, digraphs and diphthongs.

    Phonics Spinner Games

    The Lesson Plan Diva: Phonics Rules Made Easy and a FREEBIE!

    Phonics Rules Made Easy and a FREEBIE!

    When two vowels go walkin' the first one does the talkin'! It says it's name! I made these out of some tiki party cups I found at the Dollar Tree. :)

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    Connect 4 word work game..Plus Free (ai) and (ay) valentine word cards to go with the game

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    Students toss a button/whatever in a cup, come up with a word that starts with that, then adds it to the group chart

    Toss and Blend: A Carnival Game

    I Have, Who Has-Space Race (cvce words)

    I Have, Who Has-Space Race (cvce words) |

    Ow! That hurts! (-ow words)

    Fabulous Firsties: Ouchie....Ow......Ouch That Hurts!

    OW Jennifer of the Jungle - Ow sound like how and now

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    Your students will have a great time helping Cowboy Roy read the oi and oy words to get back to his ranch. Students roll the dice and read the wor...

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    OU sound -Tom Lehrer - "O-U (The Hound Song)"

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    Cute phonics terms

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    LOVE this unit!! You MUST purchase this... totally worth the money - 3 bucks!! I love the gestures idea, swat with tennis rackets, and so many other aspects! Long e Tennis Teams {an /ee/ and /ea/ phonics unit}

    Long e Tennis Teams {an /ee/ and /ea/ phonics unit}

    The Sounds of ed (Freebie Posters)

    What the Teacher Wants!: Common Core and You {Part 4}

    FREE Download - Suffix Houses - a learning station activity for students to practice determining the meaning of words with suffixes

    Pitner's Potpourri: Suffix Houses -- Double Freebie!

    Grammar Flip book- love that it is all in one big foldable... just add on throughout the year.

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    Fabulous in First


    Fabulous in First: PRO-crastination

    igh, i, i_e or y

    The Inspired Apple: Long Vowel Poems

    interesting info on new way to teach spelling, instead of just tests

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