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Never give up the fight, but do it with style. DO it for yourself and your own life. FO everybody

i'm tired of people telling me what to do and trying to live up to everyone's expectations fuck off this is my life not yours. don't worry about what i do

Why two questions are better than one :)

love Black and White depressed depression sad suicidal suicide lonely pain hurt alone hate hurting self harm self hate cut cutter cutting cry fake tears sadness Lying self destruction okay lie razor blade im fine fake smile

And I Cried Because It Was The Best Thing I Ever Had And I Lost It, Gone, Gone, Gone. But You Crawl Out Of Bed, You Get Dressed, You Go To School Or Work Or Both, You Smile And Talk, You Forget And Eventually You Don't Cry Anymore Because You Forget About Those Feelings, The Heartbreak, The Pain, The Loneliness And You Move The Fuck On...

When I read this I thought of a parent grieving the death of their child. The world that loves them will mourn and move on but a parents heart will be forever broken.

Life Is Beautiful

I was better.or so I thought. Maybe I was never better, but maybe it was this one person who made me think I was better. Its become evident now that shes gone, that ill never be better. I wont be her better, and I CANT be my own better.