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My husband said this to me,Billy I miss you so much. RIP My Forever Love

  • Van Patterson

    @Nichole Smith ....dont you see? You are that girl to me

  • Dillin Heck

    You already are!

  • Tony Brumfield

    U r that girl baby !!!

  • Justin Tull

    To think, 1 month ago someone sent me this (and I assume they felt it). Roughly a week later she tells me she needs a break from everything....yet I'm the one who gets completely shut out and left to ache in a time of such wonderful, and forever anticipated, progress in my life. I'm glad after months of searching I finally have a great counselor, I'm debt free by way of miracle, the credit is good and able to be used for a house or even better vehicles. I even started exercising and planning us trips....everything I planned was with her. I know I hurt her, and many others that care for me, but I never thought either one of us would give up when we were so close to the wonderful life we've endured so much to get to. I only wish she knew how different things are inside me....and how in love and proud to have her I was/will always be. Couples that are meant to be are the ones that make it through everything that is supposed to tear them apart. She's the girl that has always changed my life for the better....and more now than ever, yet she is not in my reach.

Are the ones worth waiting for.

The CUTEST handprint crafts! (footprints, too)

DIY at home body wrap - just 3 supplies needed!

  • Erin Manneback

    This product has sodium hydroxide in it... Which is used in relaxer treatments... Which if you google images you'll see that sodium hydroxide (lye) can burn your skin. I think I'll leave the wraps to the ITWORKS peeps:)

Honey Blonde Highlight - Medium Bob Hair Cut --- thinking of switching up my do...this could look cute on me (though I wouldn't change my color)

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30 day journaling prompts to learn more about yourself. -sas thinking about writing today.. think i may start doing this

This is a awesome pin! Alot of great tips and makeup!!!

If they really love you