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Math Lesson Somedays

Math Lesson Somedays

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*FREEBIE!* This freebie has Common Core Math Cheat Sheets for grades K-5!! All Math standards are on 1 page! #commoncore #commoncoremath

Math mistakes in advertising! I'm using these photos next year for a fun intro fifth grade math lesson. These are hilarious!

10 Photos That Definitively Prove Math Is Really, Really Hard

Common Core Math -42 animation videos of real world scenarios with 120+ problems. 6.G.A.1, 6.G.A.2, 6.G.A.3, 6.G.A.4, 6.EE.A.2a,6.EE.A.2c,6.EE.A.4,6.EE.B.5,6.EE.B.6,6.EE.B.6,6.EE.B.7,6.EE.B.8,6.EE.C.9,6.NS.A.1, 6.NS.C.5, 6.NS.B.2, 6.NS.B.3,6.NS.B.4, 6.NS.C.5, 6.NS.C.6 ,6.NS.C.7 , 6.NS.C.7 #ccss #math #commoncore

FREEBIE!! 5th Grade Common Core Spiral Math Homework - 4 Weeks FREE!

Fifth Grade Common Core Math Homework - FIRST QUARTER - 4 Weeks

Place Value U-Know $ Key Words: place value, decimals, whole numbers, math games, math centers, math stations

Stomp It! Place value review. Add some kinesthetic movement into the lesson on pv.

These would be easy to make! Customize the display of information. Students can create this to write and visualize notes in a different way.

Le site web de Mme Krawiecki: Place Value Flip Chart

FREE Math Problem Solving Assessment Pack - Includes 4 different levels with answer keys; has pretest and posttest for each level - Designed for grades 2 - 6

FREE Math Problem Solving Assessment Pack

FREE Solve 'n Switch Partner Activity from Laura Candler - Awesome strategy to use with math task cards!

FREE Solve 'n Switch Partner Activity

Graph Bar

The Science Penguin: Time to Teach...Better Bar Graphs

Great post about integrating science (weather) and technology into math, and making it authentic!

Teaching Math With Legos

Lots of different ideas for using decks of cards to play math games.

Multiplication - Math Vocabulary Trading Cards - 26 pages - Math words build a foundation of math understanding. Use whole class and particularly ...

Create a common core standards resource for each table in the class. Students will become responsible for their own learning! Jason's Online Classroom has Common Core Posters for Grades K-6! Check them out $$: www.teacherspayte...

Free Function Tables practice pages in Laura Candler's online file cabinet

This BUNDLED set of 80 multi-step, measurement, mixed operation, and fraction word problems reflects the Common Core State Standards for grades 4 and 5. It is bundled for those buyers who wish to purchase all 4 sets at a greatly reduced price. Please do NOT purchase this set if you have purchased MORE THAN ONE of the 4 items--if you have purchased only one, this will still save you money! $13.50

SOLO STATION ACTIVITY or I HAVE WHO HAS GROUP GAME: Mental math game... question in black and answer in red.. align them in order! see how fast you can do it.. you can write any type of fact they are working on

Love this! The teacher provides an answer and students come up with questions that fit. This is an awesome higher order thinking skills activity!

The Lesson Plan Diva: Do you use your manipulatives everyday? Math task cards that allow students to use manipulatives

Common Core Math: Free Back-to-School eBook for Grades 3-5. Over 50 FREE resources to meet the Common Core Standards!

My new favorite Math site for the Common Core standards.

Math station idea for upper level - love this blog of great ideas for lesson plans of group work!

Trios! 16 matching math games, use as a center or movement activity for whole class! Topics: Standard, Written, Expanded Form, Equivalent Fractions, Equivalent Fractions, Decimals, & Percents, Equivalent Expressions, Polygons, Prime, Composite, & Square Numbers, Divisibility, Place Value, Compare & Order Decimals, Compare & Order Integers, Solutions to Equations, Customary Measurement: Length, Customary Measurement: Volume, Customary Measurement: Mass, Measurement: Time, Metric Measurement

Math = Love: Snowball Fight! Idea is easily adapted to other grades and content areas.