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The Scale Of The Yosemite Fire

Aerial shot of Texan industrial beef farm and waste lagoon.

  • lkla

    gross--i'm off meat, now, OK??

  • Kevin Howey
    Kevin Howey


  • Terry Moritz aka Miranda Goshawk
    Terry Moritz aka Miranda Goshawk

    looks like the maw of a huge beast, which it is, actually . . . .

  • Bruce Birch
    Bruce Birch

    Looks surprisingly like the cross section of a clogged artery...

An almost century old ship ran aground near where I live a couple weeks ago. The Astrid.

The Atlantic Road, Norway ..

Asiana Plane Crash: Video Animation Details Chilling Crash Landing

A intact pool between the dirty water of a flood in Germany.

Utahs Bingham Canyon Mine

so sad....these are tires....

  • richard yelland
    richard yelland

    Help 11x world surf champ, kelly slater, save our oceans:

  • Phil Liff-Grieff
    Phil Liff-Grieff

    artificial reefs made of tires seemed like a good idea at first but-

  • Schmoopy Kins
    Schmoopy Kins

    We don't deserve this planet

  • Susan Taylor
    Susan Taylor

    Aptly worded Schmoopy.....


  • Suzanne Kanet Zelle
    Suzanne Kanet Zelle

  • Helene Chen
    Helene Chen

    how... does it get down?

  • Marc James
    Marc James

    That's insane

  • Julie Steele
    Julie Steele

    i'm still quite sure that it is faked. maybe on a bigger building with smaller equipment. looks cool for kids tho.

  • Marc James
    Marc James

    Definitely real,,,and still quite insane!

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  • Rafael Guerrero
    Rafael Guerrero


  • Susu Scrapbooking
    Susu Scrapbooking


  • Alexia Ballance
    Alexia Ballance

    if this was real, the guy in black is dead - or dead lucky!

  • Reign Forest
    Reign Forest


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Ukraine to Open Chernobyl Area to Tourists

Ukraine to Open Chernobyl Area to Tourists in 2011
  • Kerri Bosel
    Kerri Bosel


  • pabloHUMANES

    Why?! Don't you think it's historically interesting enough?

  • Kerri Bosel
    Kerri Bosel

    Sure, I can see it now "hey kids forget about Disney this year we're going to Chernobyl"'

Chernobyl aerial view into the core, smoke from the graphite fire and core melt down. The photo was taken from a helicopter on May 3, 1986, of the destroyed Unit 4.

  • José Manuel Viola Manuel
    José Manuel Viola Manuel


  • Brian Overstreet
    Brian Overstreet


  • PeNa

    I so remember that, OMG, I lived in Germany at that time, they reported a lot on Tv about that

Polluted water in China caused by chemical plants.

  • Stephanie Salscheider
    Stephanie Salscheider

    so very tragic!

  • 🌺Nay Brignoni Young
    🌺Nay Brignoni Young

    very sad

  • Vedere

    absolutely tragic!

  • Jasmine Kerd.
    Jasmine Kerd.

    look sad.

black and white underwater photography | Incredible underwater shipwreck | Colors - Black and white

Simon Spurr

  • Sha Hwang
    Sha Hwang

    om nom

These days the only things that land on Hashima Island are the shits of passing seagulls. An hour or so’s sail from the port of Nagasaki, the abandoned island silently crumbles. A former coal mining facility owned by Mitsubishi Motors, it was once the most densely populated place on earth, packing over 13,000 people into each square kilometre of its residential high-risers. It operated from 1887 until 1974, after which the coal industry fell into decline and the mines were shut for good.

The Smithsonian's Design Decoded blog reports on the latest developments in 3D printed footwear, including the fashion designers and students who are experimenting with printing out shoes using cheap materials that only last for "one lap down a runway."

  • Burch Anna
    Burch Anna

    This are to cool!

This is what happens when you get your shoe stuck in an escalator.

  • Susan Taylor
    Susan Taylor

    Just like my mom always said.....

  • Sebastian Cortes
    Sebastian Cortes

    yeah it happened the same to me when I was a kid, with my favorites sneakers T_T

  • Amida Gal
    Amida Gal

    Fear level rising again!!

  • Obioma Osuagwu
    Obioma Osuagwu

    Waoh! hope the toes are in safe hands...

  • Chloe Musgrove
    Chloe Musgrove

    I'd like to see the foot...

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Abandoned roller coaster at Lincoln Park in Dartmouth, Massachusets. About its decline: The park was successful until the mid-1980s, when larger theme parks started to become more popular. A fatal accident on the park's 1946 "Comet" wooden roller coaster in 1986 caused people to question the safety of the park. Facing declining attendance, Jay Hoffman, the park's owner, invested $75,000 in updating the park. This plan included moving the park's 1921 carousel to Battleship Cove, and dismant...

  • Andrea Twombly
    Andrea Twombly

    I remember going to Lincoln Park as a child. Great memories.

  • Steven Vaughan
    Steven Vaughan

    beautiful shot

  • Natalie

    So sad to drive by it now. Loved going there as a kid. Roller skating rink too!!

GPS Tracking Disaster: Japanese Tourists Drive Straight into the Pacific

  • Sarah Bartlett
    Sarah Bartlett

    As much as I adore them...a pure example of Japanese GroupThink

  • Jack Holl
    Jack Holl

    This was an episode of The Office... Should NEVER happen in real life.

  • Chermaine Prior
    Chermaine Prior


  • Melissa Camus
    Melissa Camus

    My ex husbands roomate in college did this- literally drove right into a lake because his GPS told him to. (shaking my head, *facepalm*)

  • Mark Greene
    Mark Greene

    C'mon down, folks. Plenty of free parking!

Hand Crank Vending Machine

Japanese Emergency Hand-Crank Vending Machine
  • Susan Taylor
    Susan Taylor

    Do they dispense cigarettes.....they still do in Japan!

Alaska Earthquake March 27, 1964. Fissures in Seward Highway near The Alaska Railroad station at Portage, at the head of Turnagain Arm. Many bridges were also damaged. At some places, tectonic subsidence and consolidation of alluvial materials dropped both highway and railroad below high-tide levels. Photo by U.S. Army. Figure 27, U.S. Geological Survey Professional paper 541. #earthquake #disruption #cracking

  • Canilleca Grizela
    Canilleca Grizela


the sea

Eleven months after the tsunami and earthquake ravaged Japan new pictures show the incredible progress being made in the multi-billion pound clear up