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Don't forget Divergent

How about, killing a character shows strong writing skills? Sometimes it's hard to kill off a character. (ALLEGIANT SPOILERS *If You Read It*: They left out Veronica Roth!

We don't. It's for the best.

We don't. It's for the best. <--- neither do the supernatural fandom. (If anyone in the Supernatural fandom is wondering about this image it's a Doctor Who thing.

Doctor Who print hehehe -- one of the best things about having seen Dr. Who is that now I get all the references!

“Welcome to New Earth! More specifically, New New York. This is the New new York; actually it's times the New New York, so it's New new new new new new new new new new new new new new new York!


And here we have a picture of a accurate pie chart. Cross out I love you to "I'm the nerdy guy of your dreams. I like you, and I have all of doctor who on DVD!

Every time.

This is exactly what Doctor Who has done with my life -- Yup. Sad, no no no, really good fact about me :D (for me) Social life, Doctor Who and me.

Vanity: it's the curse of the Time Lords.

But I don't remember 11 check how old he was, I know he thought he was a girl by his long hair though


WOULD YOU CARE FOR SOME TEEEEEEEE? [you read that in a dalek's voice] This is the most British picture l've ever seen. "never turn down tea if it's offered to you. It's impolite, and that's how wars start" The Doctor So this is how the time war started

With just one look David, you break my heart.

I thought he was going to cry! heck I thought I was going to cry!