Coconut Shampoo for Dry Hair Ingredients: Coconut Milk Cup) Extra Mild Organic Shampoo Cup) Almond Oil tablespoon) Essential oil(s) of choice Drops) Instructions: Mix the ingredients together (in no particular order), shake well and voila!

DO THESE OFTEN Make good friends. Actively express thankfulness. Actively pursue your goals. Do what you excel at as often as you can. Give. Don't single-mindedly chase Live the life you want to live.

The Sharon Hidden Wedge Boot in Light Green

Matiko Shoes The Sharon Hidden Wedge Boot in Light Green Leather lace up boot with perforated detail; tonal stitching; waxed laces; rubber sole; hidden

Happy Monday morning to you all! How was your Christmas? Did you get everything your heart desired? Today I have part I of China Glaze's Up & Away Coll