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Lemon Honey Scrub. (Don't be afraid to scrub hard!) 1 cup sugar, 1/2 cup olive oil, Juice of 1 lemon, 1 tbsp honey

Finally! Some really good tips for hooded eyes!

haircut inspiration ~ my hair would look like that for one day. Then I'd attempt myself and look like a hot mess.

No Way! Finally, a way to get rid of unwanted hair ANYWHERE! For 1 week, rub 2 tbsp coffee grounds mixed with 1 tsp baking soda. The baking soda intensifies the compounds of the coffee breaking down the hair follicles at the root!

The Misting Pore Cleanser - This device uses gentle suction and a fine mist to deeply clean pores without harsh chemicals. The mist helps the suction cup form a tight seal against your skin to more effectively remove oil and dirt from pores, reducing blemishes and the appearance of large pores for healthier, revitalized skin.

The perfect tan that's under five bucks!

Invigorating whipped grapefruit peppermint body sugar scrub with coconut oil

Website where you can buy samples of MAC makeup. Perfect for the pigments which everyone says never ever run out and they're super cheap and you can buy 8 samples for the price of one full size pigment. Blue Brown shown here.

The Rancher's Daughter: Messy Side Bun (my hair is too thick for this, but it looks good if your hair is thinner).

Squeeze a lemon and add baking soda until you make a thick creamy paste, leave on for up to 20min and rinse with cold water.

Jessica Alba style - green eyes makeup tutorial

Medium Haircuts with Bangs for Face Shape and Hair Type - Choosing a mid length haircut with bangs is a lot easier to wear and style if you match it to your face shape and hair type. Get the most out of trendy hairstyles with bangs and pick one of these cute haircuts.

What To Start and Stop Doing in Your Beauty Routine

Nämä kesäiset helmikorvikset vaativat hieman sorminäppäryyttä. Legendary Beads » Tutorial: Beachy Boho-Chic DIY Pearl Earrings

Make a sharpie tattoo that lasts a month

"from Ulta for $5.99 and it is amazing!! big pores are almost invisible after the first use, awesome!"