Rachel Cruze

Rachel Cruze

Author and speaker with a heart to help others become smart with money.
Rachel Cruze
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You're not a bad parent; you're actually a wise one.

Encourage young adults to take college courses in high school, start at community colleges, & apply for scholarships.

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Rachel Cruze is a personal finance expert, National best-selling author and speaker. Learn practical tips about real life and money in new videos and articles every week.

It's time to stop wondering what you could've accomplished. Take a deep breath, reset, and decide to live smarter.

Don't miss your chance to see Dave Ramsey and his team when they come to your town! Hear from America's foremost experts on the topics of life, money, leadership, business and stewardship.

Make sure your firsts steps in business are forward not backward.

A home-based small business is a great way to earn extra money, but you need to start mall, grow slowly, and don't borrow money to start it.

4 Ways to Save Money on Black Friday --Ep. 32

4 Ways to Save Money on Black Friday --Ep.