Upcycle an old filing cabinet. Like the idea to add wood to top of this filing cabinet, makes it look more like a piece of furniture

Just for the picture. Link takes you to a site about nursing students! Upcycle an old filing cabinet. I like the idea of adding wood to the top of the filing cabinet; the wood makes the filing cabinet look more like a piece of furniture.

College Dorm Idea! Lift up the bed for more space and utilize an outlet! What an awesome idea! #college #dorm

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Power Bed Riser - Set of 4 with built in charging outlets give you flexibility and space under the bed for storage. Works great for twin-sized beds especially. How to get extra storage in a dorm room or small bedroom

Won't work in my dorm room, but something to keep in mind for an apartment or event later! hula hoop chandelier - great idea! Just a hoola hoop + fairy lights

So cool! I love this idea. How smart and crafty! Hula Hoop Chandelier - hula hoop and lace from the Dollar Store - Decoration for a porch or outdoor party :D

Creative bulletin board from an old dresser drawer. Details + more cheap DIY ideas: http://www.midwestliving.com/homes/decorating-ideas/projects-under-20-dollars/

32 Home Projects Under $20

Creative bulletin board Make a bulletin board from the drawer of an old dresser. Paint the drawer, then cut corkboard to fit the inside and glue in place. Cover with pretty paper. You'll have a place to pin favorite items as well as a new display shelf!

the pic collage is sick

College Decor: DIY i like the idea to use the clothes pins for pictures

Update an unsightly fan with ribbons and tape. | 31 Cheap And Easy Decorating Hacks That Are Borderline Genius

91 Magazine - Issue 4 - neon and pastel painted fan using plastic safe spray paint, and masking or washi tape to cover the cord

1: Print out online templates onto cardstock 2: If it's white cardstock you can color it or spraypaint away (or you can print black outlines onto colored cardstock) 3: cut out 4: fold them in half to give your butterflies more texture 5: use sticky-tack to place on the walls of your now brightened up dorm

rainbow butterflies for wall decor! My sister is doing this is her dorm room with her friend! So cute, creative, and colorful!

Another ribbon box, however, this one was decorated and then a power strip was popped inside to hide all of those pesky charging cords! ------------ Great idea for keeping out of children's hands!

Homemade Charging Station Keep those cords and power strips hidden with your very own charging station made out of a ribbon dispenser box. Use a utility knife to cut a hole for your power strip cord to pass through, label the holes, and decorate the box!

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A DIY photo wall with fairy lights.

Teen Room Decor

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15 cute decor ideas to jazz up your DULL bedroom

Such a good idea!

15 Awesome DIY Photo Collage Ideas For Your Dorm Or Bedroom

The fastest way to personalize your dorm room or bedroom is to add an awesome photo collage. Here are 15 DIY photo collage ideas you need to try now.

The nights we felt alive

The nights we felt alive picture wall. Great idea, but finding pictures from those nights where we don't look toasted is going to be difficult.

great idea for college or my room

College Dorm Idea: I want this quote simply because this explains life and the book it's from is great - also the pictures around the top of the room

Sparkle & Mine: School Sparkle: DIY Crafts to Deck Out Your Dorm Room!

Dorm Room DIY and Crafts: Clothesline Picture Holder. I might've pinned this already but I absolutely love it. Cute for a boys room.simpler than picture frames.

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Super cute wall idea People Change Memories Don't + Pictures So doing this in my dorm room

You light up my world!

Beautiful and very personalized Christmas holiday decoration idea using a Christmas light and family pictures. Create your own heart shaped frame using Christmas lights and add your pictures.

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bedroom decorated with photos photography lights bedroom decor pictures teenagers bed interior design teen room photographer teen bedroom ideas

18 Amazing DIY Projects For Your Dorm Room That Will Save Space

18 Amazing DIY Projects For Your Dorm Room That Will Save Space

I love this bucket organizer, you could put your hot iron right back in it since it's metal! 18 Amazing DIY Projects For Your Dorm Room That Will Save Space