Play in the rain with my love

Play In The Rain With My hubby and i frolicked in the rain while in the ocean in kauai in was then that i began to love rain!

Throw a drink in someone's face

throw a drink in someone's face. Not necessarily an alcoholic one:) I've always wanted to do that. I was inspired by Friends.

Adopt a baby

Should say adopt a CHILD. there are too many children left in foster systems because they were orphaned beyond infancy. It takes more work but I will do it one day. because every child deserves a caring family, even if they are already potty trained.

Travel the world without a destination, going wherever the roads take me

bucket list: travel the world without a destination, going wherever the road takes me.

Get married on a sunny day

Get married on a sunny day, keeping my fingers crossed but regardless I will still be marrying my best friend come rain or shine :)

Kiss someone famous

Austin mahone, Alexander Ludwig, Taylor Lautner, Josh Hutcherson, Channing tatum or hunter Hayes and Luke Bryan! I'll settle for that or a hug!

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