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Store your nail polish remover in a bottle with a pump....uuummm why haven't I thought of this?!

How to make a strawberry planter from old pallets

25 Awesome Swimsuit DIYs You Have To Try ThisSummer. Some of these ideas are so cute!!!

Hammer out the color from leaves, who knew?!

Some of these diy are really good ideas!!

Tie Dye Coffee Filter Valentine Heart Craft

Tutorial: DIY Cord Keeper From Fabric Scraps

picture frame + utensil tray = perfume, nail polish, mini pic wall display.

Have some extra fabric laying around? Put it to good use with these crafty fabric ideas.

MOD PODGE - Homemade Mix 50% Elmer's glue and 50% water in a jar. Wish I would have known about this a couple days ago.. Mod Podge isn't cheap!

Why didn't I think of that? ironing board: Perfect for having next to sewing machine.

Faux stained glass created from acrylic paint and school glue!

Crayons in a glue gun!!! Freaking genius!

Free Kitchen organizing labels hand illustrated by Emily McDowell. Black and white chalkboard available also -:)

cute ruffle apron, i'm thinking about next christmas already! lol

Hot chocolate mix | Playful Cooking

Green Cleaning: Homemade Dishwasher Soap

YES!!! I was hunting for these all winter...homemade vicks shower disks If you are congested, pop one in the floor of your shower, let the steam do it's work! Not sold in stores anymore!!

Christmas popcorn tin + paint and lettering = dog food container

store matches in mason jar, add a piece of sand paper in the cap on which to strike the matches.... brilliant!