I think these are just adorable. Use air dry clay with a shell from the beach!

A cute craft to do with sea shells and polymer clay: Gorgeous snails using air-dry clay/model magic.

DIY Bat Bows (In another language, but pics are easy enough to figure out)

DIY: Bat Bow & Halloween Kostüm & Fotoshooting mit Maske

Sailor Senshi Tiara Tutorial by *Kapalaka on deviantART #cosplay #diy

"Sailor Senshi Tiara Tutorial by *Kapalaka on deviantART." OMG I've wanted one of these for yeeeeeears!

Sushi pillows! That you can make! I wouldn't be able to make these in a million years but maybe you can!

Learn how to make these super cute Sushi pillows/ plushies! ^_^ Onigiri-Rice Ball wrapped in Nori Spam Musubi- Spam and Rice wrapped in Nori If you make some.

Chopstick lampshade tutorial | diy craft TUTORIALS  for my silly chopstick loving little neighbor. she eats everything with chopsticks.

MATERIALS - Old lampshade wires or thick wire to make your top loop - 1 or 2 chopstick bags units) depending on the size you want.

Crystal Science Valentine's Science crystal hearts experiment borax pipe cleaners crystals

Crystal Hearts Valentine's Day Science Experiment

Grow crystals and make crystal hearts for simple Valentine's Day science activities. Crystal hearts are easy to grow crystals for kids science experiments. Try a borax crystal recipe for a Valentines Day STEM and preschool Valentines Day activity

The Iron Throne, made from plastic swords, spray paint, and hot glue

The Iron Throne, made from plastic swords, spray paint, and hot glue-wow, insane game of thrones party Mais