Long live the mind.

reading by a window

Beatrix Potter

A book cover as a book bag

speech-bubble-bookshelf, what you display in your home in a way is what you are saying to anyone in it.

a chair that is also a bookshelf

Natural light, lots of book space, looks cozy to me

integrate accessories

low shelving and comfy corners for kids

bold- statement signage


nook nook

small pieces of aesthetic shelving


B&N; Classics

B&N; Classics

Jules Verne Original Covers - 1800's

Apply as a pattern? Wrapping Paper, Inside of Bags, etc.


Jessica Hische daily drop cap poster. 2-Color (Circa 2010). http://www.swiss-miss.com/2010/01/limited-edition-letterpress-drop-cap-prints.html Via http://ffffound.com

Jessica Hische! I want this pocket planner, even tho it's late. But the design and typography and everything; that's what I want to keep. Even if someday I have this, I won't write on it. Lol

Learn how to create a drop cap letterform for your favorite book with the amazing Jessica Hische - via Skillshare Lettering for Designers: One Drop Cap Letterform at a Time #Skillshare

Flourish + Blotts


Google Office of Zurich. So many imaginative work spaces. The plants, hot air balloon pods, and subway are some of my favorites. How cool would it be to have these types of workspaces integrated into all the halls