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My Library Displays (Rachel Moani)

Ok, I'm splitting up Displays and Programs. "My Programs - Kids" and "My Programs - Teens" are the new boards for programs I'm doing at my library.

My Library Displays (Rachel Moani)

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Made for earth day library display. Theme for the books on this display: Spring, Gardening, & For-Heavens-Sake-Go-Outside-and-Exalt-for-Just-a-Moment-in-the-Beauty-of this-Planet-We-Live-on. Long winded, but hopefully catchy -Rachel Moani

Earth day jungle at the Lacey library. -Rachel Moani

  • Ingrid Coleslaw
    Ingrid Coleslaw

    What are the leaves made of?

  • Rachel Moani
    Rachel Moani

    Butcher Paper! it comes on a roll, so it has a natural curl. Fold in half against the curl, cut out the leaf shape, open it back up and it will naturally curl out from the middle vein like a real leaf.

I love the new Caldecott winner, Beekle, the Unimaginary Friend. And I'm celebrating with new ref desk ornamentation. And plastic gems. Because bling.

  • Melissa Techman
    Melissa Techman

    Rachel, love this! Especially the teeth! I am on Pinterest all the time lately, looking for the perfect table for my new dining room, which I want to function more like an art studio...

Dan Santat fangirling at the youth reference desk today. This dragon is from Beekle, the Unimaginary Friend. Kids decorated the paper plate spines on his back. So glad his book won the Caldecott, I love his illustrations.

  • Patricia Raley
    Patricia Raley

    You did it again Rachel! I admired you. What a creative mind. Muy talentosa esta chica!

Adult Services asked me to make a backdrop for their photo booth as part of their pet video screening party. I agreed, on the condition that I would have full creative and glitter bombing freedom. Thus the giant Nyan Cat. You can't see it, but there are rainbow streamers shooting out of his... poptart that lead down the hall to the theatre entrance. Children's Librarian Sara poses with Henri, Le Chat Noir.

The Polar Express Train Station visits the Lacey Timberland Library! Doesn't it also feel a little Harry Potterish? I want to put Station 9 3/4 somewhere now too... Happy Holidays, everyone! xoxo, Rachel Moani

New wing of the castle at the library. Already getting covered in stickers. If you want to see some of my other displays, Go check out my library district's flickr page. Because it's the district collection, only a few of them are mine. Just assume I'm responsible for anything that looks like it was dipped in glitter and then rolled in stickers/pompoms/metallic paint/etc.

Mystery Book Display - covering everything in black butcher paper, making this display was like gift wrapping the bookshelves, a fun new craft present from me to me. Awww, I shouldn't have.

  • Sunny Purdin
    Sunny Purdin

    Love it! Your work inspires me!

  • Joyce Ricketts
    Joyce Ricketts

    please how you create them

Mystery Books Display at the Lacey Timberland Library

Trying a new self sign up table for Summer Reading 2014 at the library. We'll see how this goes.

Ok, last one. Fizz Boom Read! Library Book Display

  • Jera Carrera
    Jera Carrera

    That is awesome! Your displays have me in awe!

  • Danielle

    Amazing amazing amazing.

  • Mama Sama
    Mama Sama

    I really like the effect of the exploding 'smoke'

  • Sarah's Library
    Sarah's Library

    Love it!

  • Julie Sell-Osnes
    Julie Sell-Osnes

    that is epic

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View from my desk lately. It's rainbows and stickers and explosions 24/7 here at the Lacey Library.

  • Maria Skrzeczkowska
    Maria Skrzeczkowska

    Rachel I LOVE all of your display work! You are truly talented. I was wondering how you would make a tree from paper/cardboard? I have made a magic treehouse for display complete with jack and annie and a ladder I just have no idea how to start on the tree

FIZZ BOOM READ Summer Reading 2014 Library Display

  • Ashley Carroll
    Ashley Carroll

    SO COOL!!

  • Erica Sternin
    Erica Sternin

    How'd you DO that! The smoke is so cool!?

  • Rachel Moani
    Rachel Moani

    Recipe for one Reading Craftsplosion: Pillow fluff, blue & white tulle, and color changing twinkle lights. Tulle and fluff and some of the lights were thrifted.

OMG! It's HERE! Summer Reading! FIZZ BOOM READ

Maya Angelou book shelf display Lacey Timberland library, another photo.

Maya Angelou, 1928-2014. Amazing writer, beautiful woman, you'll be missed. Memorial Book Display at the Lacey Timberland Library. "I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."

  • Rachel Ernst
    Rachel Ernst

    That is a lovely tribute.

  • Dorothy Conway
    Dorothy Conway

    I love your display.

A sweet little city growing out of the Fairy Tale shelves.

It's coming... Summer Reading 2014 FIZZ, BOOM, READ! Also, I'm trying out this tumblr thing. Show me some social media love? rachelmoani.tumbl...

  • JJMowery

    I can't wait to see what you've made for Summer Reading this year!

Fairy Tale Library Book Display. Also, for realsies, come be my boss, all you awesome children's librarians. Senior Youth Services Librarian position now open at the Lacey branch of the Timberland Regional Library

Reading Castle... before. Every time a kid comes to the library they can come get a sticker to put on the castle. I can't wait to see what it looks like in 6 months. Castle inspired by Cardboard Dad. Stickers inspired by an installation for kids by the queen of the polka dot, Yayoi Kusama.

Good Books to Read and Sing Out Loud! for our family read aloud month, a focus on our beginning readers.

  • Sadaf Moiz
    Sadaf Moiz

    When are you going to get a new blog Rachel??? I loved your page and was a regular visitor... You are awesome!!

Castles and Balloons and Reading quotes. Perfect project for a Children's Library Area on a slow Friday afternoon ;)

  • Kelly Mommadoo
    Kelly Mommadoo

    I miss your blog oh so much.

  • Molly Brough
    Molly Brough

    Me too, Kelli! Rachel, you pretty much made me change my Master's Degree to Library Science, and I recently got my first job in a public library! I've never been happier! Thank you! :D Hope to see your blog again soon!

  • Rachel Moani
    Rachel Moani

    Wow... That has made me so happy, I feel like I don't even know how to punctuate this comment, exclamation points seem inadequate for expressing how touched I am. Thank you, Molly, I wish you and your library the best ♥

  • Rachel Moani
    Rachel Moani

    I needed this, thanks Kelly, I miss my blog, too. Maybe I just needed a kick in the pinterest pants to get it fixed :)

  • Molly Brough
    Molly Brough

    Aww, thanks so much! It's definitely true! I'm doing adult programming now, but am truly hoping to get into kids/YA when I finish up my Master's Degree in May. You have the most amazing ideas, and I will absolutely be using your work as inspiration in the near future! Thank you for sharing your library ideas with the world :D!!!

I love this quote. Children are made readers on the laps of their parents, a new doodle on the children's area windows

Castle on the Children's Area windows. Drawn with window markers.

We're starting February a little early at the Lacey Timberland Library. Black and Gold. And Flawless.

  • Sara Davis
    Sara Davis

    May I ask what materials you use to create your art?

  • Ashley Pearson
    Ashley Pearson

    Those pictures are beautiful! How did you create them?

  • Rachel Moani
    Rachel Moani

    Thank you! For this particular display, I found photos online, I printed them poster size on 81/2 x 11 sheets of paper that I then glued together in black and white, (our color printer was out of order), colored them in with markers to make them more bright and colorful (some of the photos I could only find in black and white, or the colors were dated and muted, and I wanted a more vibrant display)...

  • Rachel Moani
    Rachel Moani

    ...cut out each person and backed them with cardboard so they would stay upright. I had a particularly fun time coloring Queen B, her album had just dropped and I was feeling very star-struck.

  • Ashley Pearson
    Ashley Pearson

    AYE-MAYZING. Your art and displays are such an inspiration!