If you see no difference between this and the previous picture, that's fine. The woman in gold, she's incredibly lovely of course, but I would not look at her next to this woman. This woman, I can see her face in focus and look into her eyes. Her body appears to be the shape it actually is. Distortion has lessened, clarifying and consolidating the picture and  allowing me to receive more of the visual impact of this person.

The Week Brought More Dresses Than Stars

Same woman, looking like the crowd.

Nice Jennifer Lopez Dresses Spring/Summer JLO Collection - - Beyond Beautiful Jennifer Lopez Gallery

Same woman, bubblegum version, trying to please somebody.

Best of the Week: Top Knots, Braids and More

Natural Makeup Jennifer Lopezs messy top knot is perfect with her gorgeous shimmery makeup look - You only need to know some tricks to achieve a perfect image in a short time.

Some folks feel it is mean to offer commentary on the red carpet. After all, Kiera never asked me, and shouldn't she be able to wear what she likes? So true she never did and she in no way needs my permission or anyone's to wear anything. That said, she is a public figure, and part of the trade off of fame and fortune is that people will photograph you and discuss you. And my clients did ask me. They wanted to know what I would do to achieve their visual potential.

From Bosworth to Alba, The Most Beautiful Lace Red Carpet Looks Ever

Pin for Later: There Are So Many Reasons to Celebrate Keira Knightley’s Growing Baby Bump Keira Always Looks Like She Walked Straight Out of a Fairy Tale Keira had a modern-day fairy-tale moment in Valentino Couture at the Venice Film Festival in

Mireille Enos & Joel Kinnaman - Anyone watch The Killing on Netflix? I love these characters. Him, did you see the so-funny interview with Jimmy Kimmel on YouTube where he talks about Yosemite Sam? I can find a link if you want...

The Killing - Mireille Enos & Joel Kinnaman - Detectives Holder and Linden. My two favorite TV characters from one of my favorite TV series, The Killing.

Colour analysis creates a 1+1=3 relationship between us and our attire. They should be more and better for being together than they are apart. The beautiful thing is that it absolutely works. In this picture, I cannot see how the woman and the dress are bringing out the best in each other. It's not that the dress is actually detracting or distorting the way some colours might, just that the dress might as well not be there.

It's no secret that Rachel McAdams has one of the best manes in Hollywood. Canada's Sweetheart has turned heads with her many hairstyles ever since she gave us serious hair envy as Regina George on

Really excellent, almost nothing to complain about

Tras los pasos de Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

"Cannes Rosie Huntington- Whiteley in Gucci Première soft jade silk chiffon strapless gown which featured silver beading that cascaded down the skirt." Says InStyle Magazine. Rosie is my spirit animal.

And then this. I don't need to see the rest of the dress. Even this much is already fantastic. She looks like her real self. I can see her. She is fresh, healthy, elegant, and still like it could have happened by itself. No trying to slide anything past anyone, not trying too hard. In fact, not trying at all.

How to Create a Classic Eye Makeup

Rachel McAdams *love contrast between hair, eyes, lips. Really like front highlights added. Adds depth to possibly flat color

A woman, Version 2.

Alice From 'The Catch' Is Impressive

If you've fallen in love with the likes of Meredith Grey and Olivia Pope, then it's high time you learn about Shonda Rhimes' newest leading lady of Thursday night television: Mireille Enos, who plays private investigator Alice Vaughan on The Catch .

Same woman. The real woman stands up.

Jennifer Lopez covers the April 2012 ‘Shape’ issue of Vogue. Photographed by Mert and Marcus.

I admire many YangNatural's (assuming she is) non-compliance with appearance suggestions that feel constricting. I must look to them like the little plastic women on wedding cakes. There's a time and a place also for taking good advice. We want your appearance to work in your favour all the time.  The black dress is not the worst or the best. Obvious brunettes (Dark Seasons) are never fooling anybody. Blonde is not better.

The 2016 Cannes Red Carpet’s Best-Dressed Celebrities