A note to your husband that won't fall apart. He can carry it in his wallet.  I think I am going to do this for our anniversary.

Husband gift - better than a note! It won't fall apart! This is something he can carry in his wallet forever. Great small gift idea to give him at our rehearsal dinner. Would be cool to have wedding vows put on it!

Link to the site that will put your photos into the view master!!  LOVE    gift??

{ link to the site that will put your photos into the view master format } I can think of so many cool uses for something like this. Have a stack of these with family pictures on the coffee table (along with the view master) instead of albums. How fun.

It changes to white and says "mischief managed" when you fill it with something hot. WANT!

Harry Potter I Solemnly Swear.Mischief Managed Transforming Mug Exclusive! The world of Harry Potter comes alive with this "I Solemnly Swear.Mischief Managed" Transforming Mug.

3-piece portion control serving utensils!

What a good idea! it would save me a lot of time (i'm always weighing everything) Pre-portioned Serving Set, Healthy Steps Portion Control

I want this - New Way to Drink Water

SELFy Stocking Stuffers: Best Undies Ever, a Wine-Inspired Glow and a New Way to Drink Water

Look what I found at UncommonGoods: flavor infuser water bottle.love fruit infused water in the spring and summer

Coolest. Doorknob. Ever.

Door knockers can be found on front doors all over Europe. When you walk up to a front door and see one, don't you just have to use it? Anyone out there have a knocker on their front door?

Bed Head Deep Waver - Love this stuff! Creates really pretty beachy waves. I have fine straight hair, but my curl stays all day and the next day, even without hair spray.

Bed Head Deep Waver - Creates really pretty beachy waves. Have fine straight hair, but curl stays all day and the next day, even without hair spray.

{ State return address stamp }

The Original Home State Personalized Return Address Stamp

Love this - too bad I already have a number of address label stamps --State return address stamp.

Taga by tagabikes: From a bike to a stroller in 20 seconds!  http://www.tagabikes.com/ via babble #Babies #Stroller #Bicycle

Taga designed an award winning vehicle for parents and children that combines a cargo bicycle and a luxury baby stroller. Taga is a fun, safe, and stylish alternative to a bike trailer or child bike seat.