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Live, Laugh, Love and Dance. Raise, Aim, Fire and Reload!


There's+no+wine+holder+on+this vacuum+cleaner.+It's+like it+wasn't+even+designed for+a+woman.+How+can I+be+expected+to+work under+these+conditions?

So tired. | 28 T-Shirts For When You Literally Cannot

t-shirt with quote "I already want to take a nap tomorrow" naps are the best part of the day! I love sleep! funny t-shirts with quotes


Please cancel my subscription. Ive had enough of your issues.we'll send refund within 5 working days.


Buying a bunch of saying shirts for my night time sleep wear The perfect shirt for me! Polite As Shit by ThugLifeShirts on Etsy

I don't see it as being 'reclusive' or being 'anti-social' I see it more as 'self-defense against the stupidity of others.' (yes, you know who you are.