Laurence Matheson Grave

This beautiful sculpture is called “Asleep” and was created by artist Peter Shipperheyn for the grave site of his friend Laurence Matheson. The sculpture was done upon request of Mr. Matheson’s widow, as a symbol of her undying love for her late husband.


20 awesome examples of street art

the beautiful chalk art of Julian Beever. Julian is famous for his incredible chalk art he draws in the streets. It is carefully drawn at incredible angles so that when the viewer stands in front of it, the art looks like it jumps off the street comp

More BANKSY street crimes with a can

80+ Beautiful Street Crimes done by BANKSY

Berlin graffiti artists scene: XOOOOX's work

The Heritage of Berlin as told through its street art. XOOOOX's work appears around the city, shaping the design of the urban environment through informal expression.

French street graffiti artists scene: IEMZA's amazing work

French street artist Iemza creates the most captivating, soul-searching, alien-looking street art in the world.


Reykjavik, Iceland by Danish/Czech artist, Theresa Himmer - sequin graffiti

street scene

A great looking weird people graffiti print on canvas or fine art paper.

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