Horse cake - so cool!

in "Den Gouden Hoeve" is het goud wat er blinkt... (Pagina 1) - Bruids- en Stapeltaarten

Get an off-the-track Thoroughbred and get ready for some ribbons! #OTTB

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I've seen this before, but it is awesome, isn't it? :-)

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Scrap Metal Artist Andrew Whitehead from Australia (Wow!)


By Tony Hill - a British sculptor using just horseshoes

Fabulous horse shoe sculptures

Half Man, Half Horse!


Top 30 Funny animal Memes Aww poor little cute one =( I choose you xp this is crazy! - more funny things:

Look very closely…

Love the bow!

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Miniature horse racing looks so much fun! (If only I were smaller, or a child again - sigh!)

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Princess Beatrice curtseys to her grandmother Queen Elizabeth II on the fifth day of Ascot (I'm so glad that I'm not a Royal - imagine having to curtsey to your own Gran!!!)

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My name's not Dave, but I Need. This. Cake!

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I have a friend, honestly, who looks just like him!!!

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Funny. I was once that man (not so funny).

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Angel Cordero (see, I can do horse impressions too! ;-))

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Shetland ponies wearing Shetland sweaters on the Shetland Islands. (I officially LOVE Shetland Ponies.... and Shetland sweaters too... that's why I love this pic so much! ;-))

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Equine Eccentric? Oh dear.

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Awesome design! Talk about a great Halloween costume. "Turn your chestnut into a giraffe!"

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Horse Cupcakes - awesome!

World of Cupcakes

Where is this?


Carrot Horse - cute idea for Crudités at a viewing party. Just break out the dip!


Horse Tongue

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The Formation Of A Horse

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Horseshoe decoration for a viewing party. Festive!

Texas Style Wedding - Rustic Wedding Chic