Well...if the shoe fits haha!

Profiling at its finest. I blame Criminal Minds. Have you ever looked at someone and thought. Yep you have a person locked in your basement.

That takes me hours...

It took me 5 days to read a book that was like 600 pages. It takes me days to read a book that's pages! I hate when people say books are "so long" and then your just like "Seriously? Have you ever read Harry Potter?

...this happens to me often. Forgive me!

gotta' hate that. haha that happened to one of my friends, except we were at church, and it fell onto the pew in front of him. so he quickly picked it up and stuck it back in his mouth. I wasn't sure whether to laugh or be absolutely disgusted.


WebMD is like one of those choose your own adventure books where the result is always death.or cancer


"You are lucky that I am so terrified of prison." *This is perfect for today cross me today and I might kill you.

Honestly...I wish it would grow that fast!

Teenager Post - If my actual hair grew half as much and as quickly as my leg hair, I'm pretty sure I'd be Rapunzel.

Why? Why?

I want to like people, but they're just so fucking stupid. HOW TRUE!

Hurry up! I need to eat really quick!

This would be me if someone told I was going to be NPO after midnight. (Because you NEVER know when you'll eat again!


gif LOL funny funny gif lol so true lol thats me lolsotrue lolthatsme