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Sweet Potato Pie with Pecan Crust

I used a regular crust. I used heavy cream instead of evaporated milk and only c. Sugar. No all spice or salt and added a few drops of vanilla and maple whisky and only 1 stick of butter. And a bag of steam sweet potatoes small). It was delicious. -A


Authentic New Orleans bread pudding with French bread, milk, eggs, sugar, vanilla, spices, and served with a Bourbon sauce. ~


Herbed Pork Ribeye Roast with Cauliflower

This pork ribeye roast is perfect for entertaining guests – and it only requires 10 minutes of prep. Look for pre-cut cauliflower florets to make this simple meal even easier. You can also switch up the herbs on the roast for a different taste.

Turtle Chocolate Layer Cake

Turtle Chocolate Layer Cake! Layers of moist chocolate cake, caramel icing, chocolate ganache and pecans! So good!

All Butter, Really Flakey Pie Dough

All Butter, Really Flakey Pie Dough LOVE BECAUSE: butter crust is the best way to go for flavor and flakiness, this one is a good recipe with instructions for those who are also frustrated/intimidated by making a butter pie dough..

Awesome Country Apple Fritter Bread!

applefritterbread1. You can't resit the aroma of this irresistible bread while it is baking. Don't even try!!