Steller's Jay discovered by Georg Steller in The most misspelled name in bird watching? It looks stellar, but is spelled Steller, There are possibly 16 varieties of Blue Jay's. [Loosely from TheCornellLab of Ornithology All About Bids] Very pretty in the

Jerry Gadamus Black Berry Blue

A blue jay is using a birch wood pile for a resting place in front of a blackberry bush in its autumnal shades - Jerry Gadamus print BLACKBERRY BLUE.

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How to Make a Cupcake Flower Pot

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Morning Mist

Morning Mist - I needed the peace this picture promots. I wanted to share with…


Raccoon taking time to stop and smell the flowers Racoon Animal / Nature Photography


“American Pika by Greg Forcey American Pikas are small members of the Lagomorph order which is the same order that includes rabbits. Contrary to their appearance, Pikas are not rodents.