Learn a better way to draw trees

Learn ad better way to draw trees. So necessary for my students and their puffalump trees!

Doodle trees vector illustration-----------------커핀그루나루 공모전 디자인 참고 이미지

Doodle trees vector illustration - with kids names within tree somehow possibility


A secret garden door? Idk how to do iron work but maybe do the tree branches out of epoxy and use matte silver paint? have to paint tolkeins speak friend quote in elvish over it!

tree map

tree from map. could do a family tree with leaf shapes from maps of where your family came from.

@Studio Calico I love the colors, the houses and the stylized tree.  Something here would be a good stamp

Bird Houses And A Swirl Tree Painting by Karla G Original abstract folk art painting by Karla Gerard

Use a wood burning tool to create intricate stencil patterns in heavy plastic sheets...sure beats the heck out of trying to cut all this with  scissors, an exactoknife or a stencil-cutter.

Use a wood burning tool to create intricate stencil patterns in heavy plastic sheets as an alternative to scissors, an xacto/craft knife or a stencil-cutter. Could be used to make stencils to use on clay with glaze

Kandinsky Boom

OK, so I make the tree at AES, and the students make the Kandinsky circles.Based on Kandinsky Circles. Might be a fun classroom project. Teacher cuts out (or paints! Students create the circles for the branches.

Sarah Nestheide Zentangle tree – oh mercy me, i just had all kinds of ideas flow through using my watercolors as a base :) first blue ribbon i remember winning was in jr high with a pen/ink tree over water color background … pin inspirations thanks !

more owls :)

Check out the adorable mixed media art by Linda Solovic. I love this piece called Friends of a Feather Owl Print which features some gosh darn cute owls in


mixed media blue whimsy happy tree: artist used textured paper that gives the painting a nice touch. To use with older group with The Giving Tree