"I have high standards because [country music] taught me how a man should treat a lady" I'm so glad you found your cowboy.


little sass ;) nice quote for a lil sassy mini person i know Boots & Class. that's what cowgirls are made of. need a pick like that for the book of course. so many ideas and only the lack of .

Dear Vegetarians....

Hahahaha I'm sorry, my vegetarian friends I just had to post this. I love meat!


I dunno why, but this just cracks me up! (reminds me of a poem my son would write!

Cattlemen and beef producers, helping feed the world.

To the people who think there "cowboys" and "cowgirls" just because they have boots and ride horses. A cattleman or woman can show you the real cowboy way

So cute

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I Heart Beef

It is I [heart] beef month once again, and I think in honor of this great month I am going to provide as many great beefy recipes as I can .

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