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Rae Mallory

Rae Mallory

A hippy/teacher/nerd/ geek from Texas.

Upload a cool car like this Aventador to #eBayGarage and it will be the easiest $100,000 you’ve ever made...all you have to do is... #ClickToEnter #spon

Clearing a house from zombies? The Super Shorty by Serbu could possibly be the shortest 12 guage pump shotgun available.

Faith In Humanity Restored

Houston Rockets James Harden

What the crap does that even mean?

Cavalier puppies cuddling by JamesPolk on Flickr

1954 Pontiac Bonneville

Oh is Easter Over? I Don't Care, I'm Still Going to Wear It

Funny pictures of the day (50 pics)

Funny Ecards @Shelbi Jarosz Jarosz Jarosz Jarosz Darlington

Tsuchinoko- This rotund little reptile is a well-known figure in Japanese mythology and cryptozoology. "According to legend, some tsuchinoko have the ability to speak and a propensity for lying."

Major Morphs: Panda Pied Python!

japanese cranes

Funny pictures of the day (24 pics)

There are just too many good ideas for this. Running through booby-trapped hallways with nerf darts firing at you, boxing/wrestling with bad guys, sword training with zombie mannequins, (fighting the gosh darn mogs) the possibilities are endless.