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Melba Roy, NASA Mathmetician, at the Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland in 1964. Ms. Roy led a group of NASA mathematicians known as “computers” who tracked the Echo satellites. When satellites are launched into orbit, it's necessary to keep track of the gravitational pull of other bodies. Even with a modern computer, these calculations are extremely difficult. Roy and her comrades made these calculations - which require a high degree of accuracy - with limited machines. Photo: NASA/Corbis.

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Neil deGrasse Tyson quote - "You don't need to be a scientist..."

Dolphin whistle instantly translated by computer

Zal Patera, Io, in color (NASA Galileo Jupiter Mission Image)

Elephant Bird (Aepyornis). Extinct Aprox. 1700.

Masks worn by doctors during the plague; the beak was packed with aromatic herbs thought to protect them from the disease.

A colony of golden algae as seen with differential interference contrast microscopy. Image by Wim van Egmond.

Our Universe May Exist in a Multiverse, Cosmic Inflation Discovery Suggests

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Evolution. Neil deGrasse Tyson

Scientists Find Gravity Waves, a Breakthrough That Backs Up the Big Bang

Einstein's general theory of relativity suggests, among other things, that masses in space distort the geometry of space-time. In addition, moving objects emit waves of gravitational radiation that carry energy away into space.

When Does an Animal Become Extinct?

Ann Druyan preserves the legacy of Sagan’s “Cosmos” with “A Spacetime Odyssey”

Wild banana. The seeds of the original banana are inedible & the flesh is quite hard - making it difficult to eat. The banana in the supermarket is a seedless triploid, an asexual clone w/ no seeds & soft flesh. These clones can't reproduce naturally in the wild so are reliant on humans to be produced. Creationists attempt to use the banana as proof of an 'intelligent designer' by saying that a higher being 'designed' a banana for humans.

Meet the ancestors - best ever reconstruction of early humans and Neanderthals. 2.28.2014