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10 Books with Crazy Plot Twists You Won't See Coming

Yes, please ruin the plot twist by telling me beforehand that there will be a plot twist. 😠😠😠😠😠

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‘The Center of the Universe’ is a circle on the ground in Tulsa, OK. The broken concrete is surrounded by a large circle of bricks, but you’d probably never notice it unless you started talking while standing in the middle. There, you’ll hear your voice loudly echoing back at you, and nobody outside the circle will hear a thing - but nobody knows why. Source

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The Dino Pet, A Toy Dinosaur That Comes to Life With Bioluminescent Dinoflagellates

A bioluminescent pet!! (well, really a whole school of bioluminescent pets in a dinosaur-shaped aquarium)

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Aerial Silks Equipment with detailed knot tying instructions – Beautiful Bright Colors! High Quality Home Aerial Silks Kit on - Perfect Gift!

The Ultimate Guide to Branding Yourself on Social Media

Create a strong personal brand across all your social platforms with this no-nonsense guide to social media branding.