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Sobre esse volume ._. sem comentários ... Pela mor em jancu se me mata assim

BTS Jungkook ur gonna be the death of cuz ur so frikin attractive

That Jawline!

```you are my colorful & you are my sunshine in dark ````

Vmin~ Best Friends! ❤ #BTS #방탄소년단

my vmin feels are so strong these days

KOOKIE, CASA CMG???♡♥My Hubby♥♡

My love!

Aww so cute >< isn't it touching that even after all these years and all the changes that have happened to BTS Jungkook's laughing face is still the same ❤️

I swear grown up Jungkook isn't affecting me *lies* lol. I kind of feel like it's wrong to call him Kookie now cuz he's so grown up & manly now lol

por que me haces esto kookie tu quieres que yo me mueraa?? :'( dioos que sexy mi galletoo ♥♥

Jungkook makes me so hard oh my god