Rafael Gómez-Coronado

Rafael Gómez-Coronado

Rafael Gómez-Coronado
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manuelmoncayo-diary: “ Dimitri in colors, A 3 stands for 2 becoming ”

Dimitri in colors, 23.Jul.2014 A 3 stands for 2... / Manuel Moncayo

Every time I fucking looked at her. I felt half a dozen things I didn't want to feel.

Elf / Faerie King - Pearlescent White by Cashile on DeviantArt

Pearlescent White by cashile on DeviantArt (fantasy art, demon / faun with antlers, elven ears)

Las princesas disney dibujadas en modo anime son simplemente preciosas | Fusion Freak

Anime Ariel ( can we all agree she is gorgeous and is an inspiration to everyone, goals seriously, goals )