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Classroom Inspiration

Classroom Inspiration

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Math = Love: Algebra 1 Interactive Notebook Entries over Functions, Relations, and Slope

10 COMMON ERRORS IN ALGEBRAYou can post it in your classroom, so the students don't make the same mistakesIt is 2 pagesMY OTHER MATH POSTERS Math Posters: Funny Math Quotes (15 Posters) Math Poster: SOHCAHTOA Math Posters : Real Numbers Math Posters : Tools For Algebra and Geometry (30 Posters) Math Posters :Triangles (20 Posters) Math Posters: Keywords of addition,subtraction ,multiplication, and division Math Posters: Number bonds to 10 Math Posters: Slope (17 Posters) Math Posters:Mean, ...


Paperless classroom

The best tools for your paperless classroom - Daily Genius

Quadrilaterals - Poster, Chart---needs more detail in "angle" column

Quadrilaterals - Poster, Chart

Island Conquer game freebie for practicing area and perimeter

Corkboard Connections: Math Games Make Learning Fun!

"Shout Out Wall" where students can shout out their success in class or at school.

Good night, Posterous

The Fraction Connection: A partner activity.... Each student chooses 2 dominoes. They then must use those numbers as their fractions to either add or subtract. It would also work to compare fractions. Image only

mr. slope guy. Kind of cute for helping students to remember positive, negative, undefined and zero.

Math Hombre: Mr Slope Guy

A Twist on Spiral Math: Read about different ways Spiral Math can be used in the classroom, and how it can help your students.

Awesome Slope-Intercept foldable

Math = Love: New y=mx+b Foldable

Teachers be like...

Integrated math project. Late middle school. Review slope, midpoints, the distance formula, proportional relationships, slope-intercept form, and solving systems of linear equations in one assignment!

Mrs. W's Math-Connection: Water Park Project


secondsister suaviloquy: stay the course

I always loved the looks my students would give me when we would start to discuss the importance of reading in math class. Reading. Math. Reading in Math? AGGGGHHHHHHHHHH! But this is MATH class. We don’t READ in MATH class. WHYYYYYY????? It was honestly one of my favorite classes of the year. Is that bad of me? Oh well, if it is, let it be.

Beyond The Worksheet: Reading in Math

School stuff

Math Teacher Mambo: Visual Clues

Math Made Gr8: PEMDAS War

Math Made Gr8: PEMDAS War

I like the twist with the colors to lable them & that someone else thought of this too!

Math = Love: Slope Name Art

probably so true!

Bad days. — Kristen DeLap

Fraction, decimal, percent triangle

Many math teachers already do FACTORING POLYNOMIALS this way, but here's a FREE WORKSHEET to help! ~bon

Factoring Polynomials - FREE Worksheet

Ms. Mathemagician: We have Spirit, Yes We Do....

This is a fun way to practice writing equations of lines. Students must write the equation of 14 lines created from flares exploding from a fireworks display.

Fireworks Linear Equations |

a note to self

Photo (Dreaming In blue)

For all those who teach math.