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Books Worth Reading

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Uncertain Heritage by Helenora Gale - set in Canada in the 1800's ...

The story of Nevermore - is a life story but it is so much more, tales of daring do and deeds done, many illegal and some certainly immoral but somehow when looked at over-all, somehow right and justified... What is a life well lived, do you know? Maybe Nevermore's is...

Illustrated childrens eBook

What would You do if you were diagnosed with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis? What if your doctor told you that you only had six months to live, effectively handing you a death sentence.

New cover for a great book

Images from The Dawdle Book by Linzy Bruno

The Dawdle Book - Ex-L-Ence Publishing

Corpoetry by Rohini Sunderam CorpoetryCorporate life is sometimes hard sometimes easy - sometimes fraught with danger and sometimes a laugh a minute... Here are some poems and illustrations inspired by corporate life...

Lofty is a soldier in the British Army, posted to Afghanistan for a tour of duty. Youssef is a British born Muslim whose parents are killed in an accident of war and who joins the Taliban seeking revenge. Behind him Lofty leaves his wife Emily and Youssef leaves his fiance, Fatima. 'The Girl I Left Behind Me' tells the story of how the war affects all of them in different ways.

Nexus Bullet by Clive Radford The sequel to 'Zavrazin' (Available at Amazon). Paul Morgan embarks on a personal mission to discover the identity a Soviet mole.

Resa James is a criminal psychologist and university lecturer - asked to consult for the police she is drawn into a multiple murder mystery that seems to have a connection to a fertility clinic. What links the victims together and who is the murderer?

Following on from his adventures in 'The Wilder' it is now certain that Karryl is the ‘Mage-Prime’, but so what - as his powers grow, so too do the problems that he faces, and even with the intervention of higher beings, will he be ready in time?

Enter the world of Patsy and Lesley, celebrated Wedding Designers. Meet their families and their friends, and their clients for whom only the very best wedding ‘experience’ will do... Patsy and Lesley are both about to fall in love - will their romances end in tears of sorrow or tears of joy...

Christopher Mundie has been a published writer since he was twenty-years-old. His newest story is called Paths: The Three, an action/adventure with some sci-fi elements. His first book is the humorous The Jerk (audiobook, e-book, and paperback).

Christopher Mundie - Ex-L-Ence Publishing

Three very different people brought together by dangerous events in an unlikely place. Slowly forging themselves into a team, driven by the need to survive and fight off a bewildering array of almost 'Zombie' like enemies and some mutated creatures too. How will they survive? Can they discover what has happened and will they be able to come up with a solution to all their problems? Come along with Jagger, Airem and Davis on a rollercoaster ride of death and mayhem. - Weapons use for the Martial Artist by Bruce Everett Miller. - A short story about those who dawdle - with lots of lovely illustrations.

A true story largely told through poetry of heartbreak and then finding both the love of a good man and a deeper understanding of the love and mercy of God.

Mr Hare - Illustrated children's story

A variety of books for adults and children from Ex-L-Ence Publishing

Missing and Replaced by Faith Byrd -

Jamie Clubb's excellent essays on a variety of martial topics will make you evaluate and re-evaluate your training - is it fit for purpose?

Sweet Mungo by Meriel Brooke. An unusual name for an unusual boy. Growing up in England, at a time when homosexuality was illegal and rarely discussed. Mungo's looks are so arresting that sometimes his beauty spells danger. Abused by his father; seduced by a teacher; sodomised by a gang of roughs... Not the best upbringing. But there is hope...

A colorful illustrated children's short story about those cleaning your room.

Noah and Logan Learn to Clean - Ex-L-Ence Publishing

A short story about those who dawdle - with lots of lovely illustrations.