duct tape dresses up party water bottles

Kids Jitterbug Party

If duct tape can "dress up" anything, it would a water bottle! Lol Duct tape dresses up party water bottles.They have so many cute patterned duct tape now this would be easy and super cute for a kids birthday party or baby shower, etc.

Duct Tape Duct Tape Duct Tape

50 Projects with duct tape. 50 Projects with duct tape. 50 Projects with duct tape.

Duct tape storage...DUCT TAPE people

patterned duct tape over cardboard boxes for organization. Now I have a great excuse to buy that crazy awesome duct tape you've been eyeing!

10 Minute Duck Tape Earrings

If you are running low on time and need a pair of cute earrings to go with your outfit, make these Quick As a Heartbeat Earrings. These DIY earrings take only ten minutes to make with the result of two adorable heart shaped earrings.

duct tape purse

How to make a duct tape flower to decorate a purse. Second Chances by Susan: Duct Tape Purses

Matching child/doll Duct Tape sun hats

Duck Brand Duct tape sun hat tutorial