Black stockings...beautiful

Black and white paint foal <--- Look at those legs! It's like it's wearing boots or stockings!

"Baby Teeth" by Kent Keller.  RedBubble

All I want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth!~W Baby Teeth by Kent Keller - Wild colt - Great Basin Desert, Utah

Polygenic Sabino Gypsy Vanner filly

gypsy vanner filly, oh so cute

A Gorgeous Foal...what a face!

A Gorgeous baby horse (foal).

Young horse impeccably groomed and conditioned

High expectations

So cute! Name: Jumper, Owner: Josie Yore, Breed: Akhal-Teke, Gender: Colt, Entry: Naughty Horse

Party Favor, warmblood filly.

Party Favor, warmblood filly, isn't she Beautiful. This one is my dream horse!

Tug o’ War   Photo Creds: Lisa Gerdes

Horse & Dog Tug o’ War. Wow I love the colors and pose of the foul! :D


“ An old photograph I took a few years ago. Still one of my favorites! This is Chevy a 2 week old quarter horse colt. Called ” Jumping for joy” ”

WOW!  Look at that neck and head...and those long legs!  A BEAUTIFUL Splash Morgan foal

Splash Morgan foal horse-of-a-different-color

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