Text Wars…

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I laughed to hard

Let us out, Daddy…

So sweet when the older brother tries to protect his younger sibling from the water! Im dying, thats so funny

Husky puppy ♥if someone gets me one i will love them forever and ever

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Siberian husky puppy dog Huskies Puppies dogs (Similiar to Alaskan Klee Kai…

LOL!!!! I just want to know who filmed a bunny falling asleep at a mini desk.

animal-factbook: “Here we have a bunny passing out after a long day at the office. Many bunny parents spend 80 hour work weeks at the office to be able to afford the massive amounts of food and.

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They go to every game dressed as green men and act like this. These are the famous Green Men!

No worries chemistry

Solving chemistry problems like a boss…

Funny pictures about Solving chemistry problems like a boss. Oh, and cool pics about Solving chemistry problems like a boss. Also, Solving chemistry problems like a boss.

Floating Lanterns. My favorite Disney!  What a beautiful scene!

when iDie iWant everyone iKnow noMatter where they are to write a memory about us on a paper lantern and let it go Previous pinner ^^ Pretty good idea though. I love Tangled!

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Lol so true when I eat in public i eat nicely, but when I eat at home I eat like a pig! :)A true fat pig .

i know! its like oh here is some grape flavored  medicine...hahaha no this is not grape. gapes are sweet , this is...... death

it tastes like death! I had to take heart medicine for 10 years until we finally got them to turn it into a pill, it said it was cherry.