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May your joy be deep as the ocean and your sorrow light as its foam. #beach #summer #quote #quotes #love #miami #ocean #resort #vacation

So true! I read a book on this exact subject written by a psychologist. The book was titled Control Theory by William Glasser M.D. Great read.

Inspirational Quotes

Stuff is just stuff.

It's just stuff.

Yep - my motto, everyone thinks you are crazy until you succeed. Then you are smart! Nobody argues with success.

I do not fail. I succeed at finding out what does not work. #inspire #motivation

Ceramic, tile, Life Lessons, baby sea turtles, sculpted,4x8 inches, wall art on Etsy, $42.00

Exactly! I want a dishwasher again! I LOVE Tetris. (and hate washing dishes....)

Totally how I feel!

Great sentiment for beach lovers! Perhaps you have a special little vase or jar that you keep shells or ocean glass in to remind you of the beaches you've seen. Great pick me up on a rainy day.

"Live in the sunshine. swim in the sea. drink the wild air." #quotes

I love winter, but I'm definitely a summer person so... this quote is really important for me. It's the way I survive after 4 or 5 long+cold months...:)