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This is an interesting concept, but seemingly pointless. Also, attitude is part of hard work.

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How to Hack a Vending Machine: 9 Tricks to Getting Free Drinks, Snacks, & Money « Cons

Home Made Cold & Flu Remedy with lemon ginger honey (you can also add slices of fresh tumeric). A nice get well soon gift.

24 Delicious DIY Cures for a Cold or Flu (this is Lemon, Ginger honey Flu Remedy - I'll be glad I pinned this one day)

Me in 20 years but with hair... LOL  Health and fitness at any age is determination and working hard. #kevco

74 year old. No excuses.NOTE: I wish all men over 40 would see this pin--Guys, girls DO look and just as you would want us fit into older age, so would WE like you to be! No excuses, lads--get off the couch and get moving!