Keeping scientific evidence hidden from your children's education is not doing them any favors...

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Finding a chore chart is one thing, but getting your kids to actually DO the chores is a completely different ballgame. Here are the 3 secrets to creating a chore chart that's right for you. Best of all, it comes with a free printable chore chart!

even if you have to take an extra 5 minutes for more "whys" Also, it will make you look more authoritative since many children ask why to get out of something or to get their way when it comes to rules. Not just for atheists but all parents need to check out her tips.

The Morning High-Five: The BEST and simplest summer morning routine. Give your kids 5 tasks to accomplish before they start their day. Includes a FREE printable!

The reason so many religious deny the facts about evolution is that they don't want to admit that we are animals, and just like all of the other animals our lives do not hold any cosmic meaning. No cosmic meaning ? I wonder ? -J.J.

Reworked this from another pin for grounded kids to earn points to be un-grounded. Added an explanation of requirements.

This is a GREAT parenting strategy that promotes accountability and positive outcomes. Dealing with consequences is a very important part of the parenting job and this is a really helpful tool when your child gets grounded.

and Christians don't question this? there is so much they need to question in their bible. so much. good storybook though.

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