Vintage Dior-Fall/Winter 1954-1955

I think this vintage Dior 1954 gown would make a gorgeous wedding dress! A girl can dream.


What do i wear with aqua shoes?I just got these shoes that are a bright aqua shade and absolutely gorgeous! The only problem is I have NO clue what to wear with them. Any ideas?

gold elbow patch.

Buy Sweater Zadig et Voltaire, round neck and rounded bottom. Elbow gold patch leather, cashmere 1 Ply, sweater for woman taupe Zadig&Voltaire

Zelda knit sweater | Weekday

Simple but cute sweater. I think I would like it if the neck was more boat neck with deeper rib stitch or curled over. Zelda by Weekday

Falling Back in Love Dress $99.99

Modcloth Falling Back in Love Dress. So cute. Want to try to create a backless dress of some sort!