Make sure you go on many adventures so that you can have stories tell when you're older #FindWhatYouLove @SmartBuyGlasses

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Tracii Gibson
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Me in the future

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You smell like Drama and a Headache, pleaseget away from me.

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SHORT GIRL PROBLEM ughhhh story of my life!!


SHORT GIRL PROBLEM | Fitted T-shirt | Skreened


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Hipster Ariel

I wanna be where the people aren't | Hipster Ariel


May 2014 Birth Club - Page 7

The “I don’t give a shit anymore” starter pack

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Man, this better happen me when i am forty and still unmarried.

Awesome Funny Pictures with Captions (30 Photos) - Clicky Pix

My thoughts after trying to find a place to live, trying to figure out how I'm going to get a good job, planning out how to get to grad school...

I Work Hard So My Cat Can Live A Better Life

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Anthropologie Monogram Mug


My Favorite Anthro Find - Topista


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this is so true.

The Best Excuse for Procrastination

quotes | Tumblr

Short Girl Problems- Having To Climb Everywhere… totally! Nothing really important goes on my top shelves..

Short Girl Problems- Having To Climb Everywhere…

Back when book design was beautiful. I wish we still produced books with character.

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Fun Musical Theatre TShirt by g4CustomGraphics on Etsy

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True story

It's Mind Mechanics...

Pisces rising/ascendant

Astrologynewsworld - PISCES RISING

Life with Fibromyalgia: Brain Fog

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INFJ inside the head

MBTI Type Heads