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Takeshi Tsuruzono

Takeshi Tsuruzono
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多摩美術大学 | 広告アーカイブ, 「MADE BY HANDS.」2011年~

COMPOSITION / LAYOUT A series of almost 40 prints created to promote the University of Tama Art, commonly referred as Tamabi. Those ads were created by Kenjiro Sano, aka Mr Design.

「切り口に、大量の塩を塗り込んでやった。」元祖 漬もんや|【予想外】斜め上をいく文の里商店街のポスター25点(第一弾)

“We rubbed salt into all the cuts” and “For a whole month we locked it up in solitary confinement,” reads a series of ads for a pickle shop.

【入選】 えひめ飲料〈「飲みた〜い! ポンジュース」by中山智裕、大西英也  〉第59回 朝日広告賞(第1部 一般公募の部) 朝日新聞社広告局 - @Ashley Huffman

ポンジュース, よく振ってからお飲みください: POM juice Ad: Shake well for Best Taste

中年男性の“お尻の割れ目”をクリエイティブに起用した史上初のリクルーティング広告 | ブログタイムズ BLOG 【海外 広告事例】

Hilarious "The German Crafts: The Craftsmen's Boobs, Mechanic" Scholz & Friends: Berlin, Germany

[Infographic] The Secret Life of Garbage

The secret life of garbage Infographic is one of the best Infographics created in the Environment category. Check out The secret life of garbage now!

Brilliant Advertisment

unbelievable - At night, the back-lit poster was reflected in the adjacent glass pane. This revealed the complete McDonald’s ‘M’ logo and the message “open all night” could be viewed the right way round. Bus shelter Campaign by DDB Sidney