Daughter's: I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always. Mother's: As long as I'm living, my baby you'll be.

you are my sunshine tattoo for mom and daughter.if only my mom would get a tattoo.


I like this skull/hand a little better. same concept with the Marie Antionette, istead of smoking her covering her face with her hand tattooed. Wish I could get away with this.

WOW!!! I almost find it difficult to believe this is a tattoo and not a real infant on his back!

His son died so he got a Tattoo of him.though, admittedly, I thought it was just an amazing picture of the baby lying on his back.

Can you say 3D #tattoo! Whoa!

It is hard to believe, but the author of these unusual patterns of body art is a nineteen-year student from Japan, known as Chooo-San. Her work is amazing simplicity, unexpected ideas, and detailed execution. Intimidating Body Art Of Chooo-San Photos)

The dew drops on this rose tattoo look insanely real. #InkedMagazine #blackandgrey #roses #inked #tattoos #tattoo #ink #rose #floral #hand

Hand tattoo designs are popular among men and women. More and more tattoo lovers ink hand tattoos on their fingers or on the back of hand to show their favorite symbols. There are 15 beautiful hand tattoo designs introduced in the post. You can find vario

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