Raisa Ludoşan

Raisa Ludoşan

More than the eye can see.
Raisa Ludoşan
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rainbow paw print tattoo - Google Search

This would be super cool with a black outline to keep the color from fading and looking silly

Tetování, která si zamiluje každý milovník dobrodružství a cestování - Evropa 2

Wanderers are constantly collecting passport stamps, soul-stirring stories and often, stunning wanderlust tattoos. Here are 46 wanderlust tattoos:

It took me way too long to realize that you shouldn't be friends with people who never ask how you're doing.

What if they constantly ask but you don't want them knowing lol so glad I'm done with meaningless friendships.

No matter what names you call someone or critique their appearance or life it doesn't make you look or feel better about yourself! Like most of you,i have been the target of alot jealousy and evil doings but my saving grace is i have god on my side to shield me!!! do you can say what you like about me but know my candle will continue to shine brighter than it ever has;)

Why rain on someone else's parade? "Blowing out someone else's candle doesn't make yours shine any brighter.

One can only take so much

This is me. I've given so many people so many chances. But once I'm done. I'm done. I don't care if we said we've made up. Or that you're not mad at me anymore. Once I've decided I'm done.I'm done.

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