Funny pictures about Owlet. Oh, and cool pics about Owlet. Also, Owlet photos.


They're called man hours because Women would finish that shit in 20 minutes. We should charge in resolution measures instead of time then!


I love how in scary movies the person yells out 'Hello?' As if the killers going to be like 'yeah i'm in the kitchen, want a sandwich?

lol :)

This dog is hilarious! Denver does bad things and gives himself away in a way I've never seen a dog do. Dogs are so funny in the way.

That guy's face bahahaha! I cannot stop laughing!!

Those guys faces! Both disgusted as sh!t with that girl boobs! Hahaha cant stop laughing


Lord, give me the strength (BluntCards) .I've prayed this small prayer a time or two :)

This was too funny not to pin

) This is so funny. Does your neck feel better now? It does, great. Now get back to pinning ladies.

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