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FACT FOOD #447 - Qwizzeria

For the 1982 Oscar winning movie Gandhi, reportedly 300,000 extras appeared in the funeral sequence. About 200,000 were volunteers and 94,560 people were paid a small fee (under contract). The


FACT FOOD #452 - Qwizzeria

Tatra Trucks, the vehicles seen commonly being used by the Indian Army, are actually a vehicle manufacturing company in Koprivnice, Czech Republic. The company was founded in 1850 and is


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Jamnalal Bajaj, better known as the founder of the Bajaj Group of companies in 1926 was also closely associated with the Indian freedom movement. He helped the British Government to


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Parle Products, an Indian private company is famously known for its biscuit brand Parle-G. The company was set up during the time of British India in 1929 by the Mumbai


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Khao Phing Kan (translates to hills leaning against each other) is an island located northeast of Phuket in Thailand. The island has become a popular tourist destination eversince the 1974


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Everyone loves popcorn be in a carnival or during the movies or at times just as a snack. The commercialisation of popcorn machines can be traced to the late 19th


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Born George Herman Ruth, this American baseball player was more popularly known by his nickname ‘Babe’. He was an icon for close to two decades in the major-league mostly with


FACT FOOD #456 - Qwizzeria

Joan Crawford, one of Hollywood’s popular yesteryear actresses made her debut appearance in the 1920’s as Lucille Le Sueur (birth name) in two of her initial films. The success of


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Formic Acid, a chemical compound synthesised in 18th century was named after the Latin word for ant – Formica. The acid first was obtained in a fairly pure form in


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The Operation Oak or the German name Unternehmen Eiche was carried out by Otto Skorzney who was personally handpicked by Adolf Hitler to rescue Benito Mussolini. On Sept 8,1943 Skorzney

FACT FOOD #441 – Qwizzeria

FACT FOOD #441 - Qwizzeria

The Constitution of India, which came into effect on January 26, 1950 was originally handwritten by Prem Behari Narain Raizada and can be found at the Library of the Parliament

FACT FOOD #442 – Qwizzeria

FACT FOOD #442 - Qwizzeria

Elizabeth Taylor was a fashion icon known for her tastes in jewelry and had her own line of perfumes which she created with Elizabeth Arden. In her lifetime, twelve perfumes


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Cules, the name of the Barcelona’s supporters literally means “Those known for their arses”. The origin of this name dates back to the time of their first stadium ‘Carrer de


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In May 2001, Pizza Hut became the first company to deliver pizza straight to the people living in outer space on the International Space Station. This pizza was created in


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Pablo Picasso apart from his expertise on paintings came up with an idea ‘Chouette de Femme’ (Wood Owl Woman) in pottery in 1951. Only 500 vases were created under the