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Human body -Circulatory System Lesson

Circulatory System Lesson: any way to get children to understand something that is difficult to understand is always effective. This activity can be a part of helping a child understand how their heart and circulatory system works.

Wonderful Educational App for Kids about Human Body

I bought this app the other day.my boys have not stop watching the videos and playing with it.what a great app! Interactive app for kids teaching about human body, with pictures and videos.

Supporting ELLs in the Science Classroom: Part II

Science Sentence Stems-- supporting ELLs and early readers in science. This would make a great anchor chart!

Celery experiment (science for k)

Little Acorn Learning: Considering Celery

What is Water Cycle? Science Experiment

Simple Experiment Illustrating Water Cycle In Nature

3 clear 2-liter (empty) soda bottles  clear packing tape  aquarium gravel  water  dechlorinator  rubber band  4" piece of netting (I used cut up pantyhose)  soil  fish, snails, or other aquatic life  elodea, (which is banned in CA), duck weed (which the store didn't have), anachris, or other aquatic plants  crickets, pill bugs, earthworms  a few dead leaves and small sticks

Cranberry Corner: Summer Fun: Ecosystem Edition - use 3 soda bottles to create a little ecosystem complete w/ snails, fish, plants, worms, crickets and

Erosion lesson#Repin By:Pinterest++ for iPad#

The foldables are for older kids, but this erosion experiment could easily be done in Pre-K.- Working 5 to 9 . Math and Science: Grade Science Foldables and other scienc projects Classroom Creativity,educational,F

Science for kids - fun with structures. Mine would want to eat the marshmallows, not build with them!

Team building activities- day of school. Snap the spaghetti into smaller pieces. Push the ends of the spaghetti into the marshmallows to build different shapes for your tower. maybe a party game of who can build the tallest structure.

Fun in Fourth Grade: Math ans Science fun!

Week 13 I really like the idea of using Cheerios as molecules. Fun in Fourth Grade: Math ans Science fun!

What's the Matter? Experiments and activities to teach matter.

What's the Matter? Experiments and activities to teach matter. This is not sold in stores. This is an exclusive limited edition engraving only sold