Story: Soter

Sacred Armor Trilogy Book 2 YA Fantasy novel
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an image of a path in the woods that looks like it is going to fall
The Perfect World. Welcome \O/ — lifeisverybeautiful: Halnaker by Oliver Andreas...
an advertisement for the new release of ravenne burk's novel
Sword of Soter (Sacred Armor Trilogy Book 2)
Sword of Soter, Book 2 in the Sacred Armor Trilogy, is now available on Amazon! Join the young prophetess and friends as they continue their journey to retrieve the sacred armor in order to defeat the ancient evil infecting their world!
the cover reveal for an upcoming novel
Sword of Soter | Ralene Burke
Sword of Soter Cover Reveal!
an ornate hall with chandeliers and marble flooring is shown in this image
Moscow, Russia: interior of the Grand Kremlin Palace
an ornate building with gold domes and blue sky in the backgrounnds
Onion domes of Catherine's Palace, Pushkin, St Petersburg, Russia
onion dome | Onion domes of Catherine's Palace, Pushkin, St Petersburg, Russia ...
an elaborately decorated room with chandeliers and gilded gold furniture in the background
The Mad King’s Obsession: Linderhof Palace
lavish palace | lavish room inside the palace.
an ornately decorated room with chandelier and bookshelves
White and gold ornate library with decorated ceiling, iron-work balcony, crystal chandelier, and glass-covered shelves. (I don't know if you're allowed to read a beat-up paperback in this room.) Christiansborg Castle, Copenhagen, Danemark. Photo by Talbot Merlotti via Flickr
a man standing in front of a body of water wearing a black shirt and blue jacket
Irish actor Aidan Turner. As either a dwarf, vampire, or werewolf, he is sigh-worthy!<--agreed
two rocks sitting on top of green moss covered ground next to water and mountains in the background
Moonbay, Hebrides Isles, Scotland
Moonbay, Hebrides Isles, Scotland by marilyn