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Tags: "animal" "book" "brown eyes" "brown hair" "cake" "crossover" "dress" "flower" "long hair" "ponytail" "smile" "sweets" "tree" Source: "Alice in Wonderland" Artist: "Fuzi Choko"

Easy DIY

Create the easiest DIY no-sew clutch from a place mat and a thrifted belt. Ok, so I don't like either the placemat or the belt featured but this is giving me a zillion ideas so off to thrift for belts is I!

felt shamrock. thinking i could adapt this to make felt flowers

Felt Clover How-To DIY crafts and gift idea. This can be used for many things. The actual project is a barrette. It could be made as a pin, put in other types of craft projects and decor, and used with gift wrap ideas.


The Wrap Wallet for your benjamins and credit cards! 2 large pockets hold your many benjamins and 4 small pockets hold up to about 16 credit cards in this cool leather wallet. The extra smaller pocket fits an iPhone or iPhone without a case.