Candy Cane Cookies - just make two colors of your favorite sugar cookie dough.

45 Oh-So-Easy Desserts Every Christmas Party Needs

Candy Cane Cookies made from sugar cookie dough. There are LOTS of holiday cookie ideas on this site! Candy Canes for cookie day?

Sprinkle-y Easter Bunny Cookies | Make Me Cake Me

These bunny cookies are absolutely adorable. Use your favorite sugar cookie recipe

Mehndi Inspired Cookies

The website for these Mehndi-inspired cookies is no longer active. But its photo is inspiring. Do the Mehndi with white or black icing and you'll have yourself some beautiful lace decorated cookies for a wedding or Halloween or Valentine's day event.

LilaLoa: The Vanilla Variation

Sounds like these would be great for Christmas cookies! The Best Vanilla Cookie Recipe ~ Says: This is seriously, the best, most versatile recipe for cut out cookies . Once baked, the cookies do not spread and retain sharp, clean edges

eat-able ladybugs

Bee in our Bonnet: Ladybug Party - chocolate covered lady bug pretzels and lots of other cute ideas

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