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Saw a biographical/medical TV show that investigated her and her unusual medical condition.

Amanhecer  no Leme

Amanhecer no Leme

Horse Colour Chart

Fifty Shades of Chestnut.) But there are more than this chart indicates. Plus, there are more horse colors than black and white and palomino. Horse Colour Chart vs 2 by Gaurdianax on deviantART


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O perigo da semente

O perigo da semente

Raggiana bird of paradise, by Al Dayan

The Raggiana Bird of Paradise; the national bird of Papua New Guinea. i used to live there when i was a kid, tho unfortunately i never got to see one al. Raggiana Bird of Paradise

I am in LOVE with the head and neck on this gorgeous bay Arabian stallion.

Being part of a family means you are part of some thing wonderful. It means you will love and be loved for the rest of your life, no matter what. *love this wall hanging. This is what I always tell cherish!